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About us

My affection for animals has been manifested since I was a little child. One of my main aims is to be engaged in dogs.

My first dog is Gina, who is a short haired Hungarian Vizsla, I got her when I was 13 years old. Gina was an ardent girl as a youngster. Agility helped me a lot to keep this tireless girl busy. Thanks to her, we have made friends with quite a few people along the trainings. She is now 13 years old and enjoys a happy retirement.

English Setter has been love at first sight! To behold and to fall in love whit it.

I purchased my first setter, namely Kitty in 2000. She was a very kind and eccentric character. To my big heartache she had to be removed to another owner at the age of 4 years, because of some stupid people.

Thanks to Agnes ArdeleŠn I got Lķjza (Spotted-Sphinx Legeslegszebb Lina) in 2002. She was a sensitive, affectionate and much loveable dog. Oddly, she stayed away from any sort of floricking.

The first litter in our kennel was born in 2006. That has been the most terrible and the most blissful day of my life at the same time. I lost Lķjza due to a medical malpractice occured during the caesarean delivery, I got her five wonderful babies though. I have kept a girl puppy from this litter, she is Lotti (Naughty Hunter Ashford).

Lotti is totally opposite of her mother. She is a naughty, posh girl being full of incredible confidence. She has been coming on well, and we have achieved a lot of nice results at shows so far. I rely on that she will also help me to bring my breeding conceptions into effect.

I have assigned a task to myself, that healthy, typish and even temper dogs will be born in my kennel. Therefore our dogs live as family members in our home, we provide facilities they need to run free regularly, we exercise their hunting abilities and spoil them with love. In this way they also make everydays happy for us.

I hope our website is appealing to you, and you will visit us soon again. If you may have any question, just send an e-mail, please! ginasorsi@freemail.hu

Wishing you a splendid browsing!

Orsolya Balla